James Spader
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Hollywood, airdate: October 8, 2004

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"My first guest recently won an Emmy for his performance in "The Practice",
currently starring in a new show Sunday nights on ABC called "Boston Legal" -
Please welcome James Spader!"

Spader: When the nominations came out, I just thought it was like Florida and all a big mistake.
Leno: That was tough competition. There were a lot of big stars in your category. Gandolfini?
Spader: I'm going to forget everyone's name. Martin Sheen. Kiefer Sutherland. Anthony LaPaglia.
Leno: Those were all - anybody could have won.
Spader: (stridently correcting) Oh, no, no, no, no. They were all way ahead of me.

Spader: I would have bet on Martin Sheen over myself. I mean - the Emmys are crazy. You know, its like Angela Lansbury has been nominated - what - seventeen times or something and never won?

Spader: (referring to the morning after the Emmys) I watched the tape - because I was so interested in what the hell I said when I got up there - so I watched the next day. And, you know, I'd see other people, you know, like Matthew Broderick when Sarah Jessica Parker won. Or like Diane Sawyer when Mike Nichols won. They're all very calm and collected and cool - and very, you know, sophisticated and everything. And you look over and they cut to my group - it's like I brought in a family of gypsies that are, like, crying and wailing and screaming and laughing and clutching each other. The seat fillers behind are getting involved. You can't see, but just off to the edge there in the aisle they've slaughtered a goat.

The Tonight Show parody clip
James Spader Parody PSA
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Hollywood, airdate: December 9, 2004

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