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Let your imagination run wild with characters from James Spader's Filmography

Many of these stories are in a PDF format so as to protect them from parts being copied out of context. If your browser can't already view PDF files, then you'll need to download a free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. Also, please do not link to or take stories from this site without asking, other than for personal reading on your own computer at a later time. Thank you to our talented authors.

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Cover Disclaimers Excerpt

by michelle

This fictional story is inspired by the season two Boston Legal storyline that implies the romance between Alan and Tara will have a resolution. It is a completely imagined situation, not reflective of any actual script. The characters of Boston Legal are owned by David E. Kelley Productions

Style: Season N *
Rating: PG

He still embodied the calmness of the morning sun, unflinched by the chaos around him, he sat, absorbed in his space, clinging to the moment as long as possible, reluctant to succumb to the fast paced meeting which was about to ensue.
(9 pages; July 6, 2005)  
more >>

The author also wrote a version with an alternate ending and sexual content. To have a link emailed to you, contact us.

"Edward & Amanda, Part 1"
by jacks

This fictional story is based on the Secretary character E. Edward Grey. This multi-part story begins a few years after the end of the movie.

Style: Season N *
Rating: PG

It had been over a year since Lee had left. He had come home from work one evening to find the house a mess, the closets open, drawers askew. She had taken everything that was hers. There was not a bottle of lotion or a piece of clothing or a hair clip, nothing, left in the house that had ever been hers. Except for her wedding ring.
(5 pages; July 18, 2004)  
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"First Time, Part 1"
by Trini

This fictional story is a completely imagined situation between what could be construed as real people. The author makes no claim as to the actual lives of the people mentioned herein.

Style: URP Fic *
Rating: PG

It seems like they’ve been standing there talking for hours about the piles of furniture and trash strewn all over his back yard. She wonders if he'll get around to mentioning the dogs. They’ve been neighbors for years and have always gotten along well. They both know it's because she's such a genuinely nice person. Anyone else would have contacted the health department and reported his property as a health hazard a long time ago.
(2 pages; July 13, 2004)  
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by Jacks

This fictional story is based on The Practice character Alan Shore – the initial story in a post season serial.

Style: Season N *
Rating: R for sexual situations

Carolina was fully aware of Alan walking quickly about 30 feet behind her as she opened the door, then threw it back with as much force as she could muster. It would have been nice for it to slam on his face, but no matter, it was enough to give her a few additional seconds head start as he opened the door, and then held it for a woman with a child.
(7 pages; July 6, 2004)  
more >>


This story is based on The Practice episode "Cause of Action" - a post episode vignette. Alan Shore thinks about his position in the firm.

Style: Vignette *
Rating: G

“You don't think of yourself as a lawyer.

Ellenor'd told him that a while ago, the culmination of one of those "You know what your problem is?" conversations that Alan had had so often he'd begun to consider them truth-or-dare for adults. Was the party getting boring? Had something offended you? Have you had a little too much to drink? Liven things up by telling other people how to shape up their lives."
(2 pages; Oct. 23, 2003) more >>

Read "Fleet Street - A New Beginning" (pdf)

"Fleet Street - A New Beginning"
by Jacks

This fictional alternate episode is a virtual version of a yet-to-be broadcast series. It is only a parallel universe of ideas for characters we already love. Naturally, the writer does not own any of the characters on "The Practice" or "Fleet Street" - although she'd like to own one certain saucy fox attorney. They all belong to D.E.K.
Style: Season N *


“Matthew Billings had known Alan Shore for years. Not a large number of years, but enough to be able to consider himself an old friend. Matthew knew Alan to be a lot of things; arrogant, brilliant, manipulative, foolish, even. But Matthew had never known Alan Shore to be a fool. That is, until now."
(From "James Spader Parallel Universe; May 17, 2004) more >>

Style Definitions

  • URP Fic - Unnamed Real People fiction is a form of fanfic in which the author creates characters inspired by real people - usually actors (actorfic) or other celebrities. The association is implied and names of real people are deliberately left out.

  • Season N - If a series is cancelled by the networks, fans may take it upon themselves to create the next season. Season N projects are usually serial fictions.

  • RPS - Real People Slash incorporates intimate encounters between those of the same sex.

  • Vignette - A self-contained scene which does not exist in a larger narrative structure. Vignettes may be 'drabbles'. Vignettes are sometimes used to create stand-alone, gratuitous slash, gen or h/c fictions, in which case they may be called wallows.



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