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Press Coverage

The Playboy Interview with James Spader
May 2005 issue

A candid conversation with Boston Legal's press-shy star about pushing sexual boundaries, his bizarre characters and why journalists annoy him. By Lawrence Grobel.

The entire interview is now available here as of May 21, 2005. Previously, we only made available page 1-2 of a 7 page interview in order to respect the copyright holder and give you a chance to buy it. As the next issue is released, we're providing the full interview until we hear otherwise or the guilt becomes overbearing.

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James Spader in Entertainment Weekly, June 26, 2004

The cover story is "137 People & Things We Love This Summer: The Must List". James is # 44. Not only in the top third, as he should be, but 44 is his magic number this year. In this picture, James reflects on "...what the hell we're gonna be up to.." on Fleet Street.

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[December 1, 2005]
ODD MEN IN: Johnny Depp vs. James Spader
by Steve Ryfle
They're a couple of modern-day Peter Lorres, minus the creepy looks and creepier voice, beloved actors who've staked their livelihoods on playing weirdos.
>> read more  >> Spader image gallery

[November 27, 2005]
Ace of Spader
He's a TV star now, ut it was the surprises in his 36-film career that turned audiences on to his talent. And his penchant for roles that ooze sexuality. >> read more

Delayed Gratification
The Boston Globe
By Nelson Handel
'I don't want to share anything," begins James Spader, as we sit down to talk. "I think there probably are performers who want to share their private stuff with the world, and therefore they don't mind letting it play out in public. I don't want to heal. I don't want to share." Suddenly, he reaches down to the coffee table between us and says, "That's funny. I use these same pens." He picks one up, studies it a moment, places it carefully where he found it, and keeps talking, as if that bizarre pause had never happened. >> read more

TV Guide's Matt Roush Predicts the winner for Best Actor, Drama
WILL WIN: Spader SHOULD WIN: Laurie WHY: The perversely amusing Spader could very well repeat last year's upset win-Emmy loves those bizarre David E. Kelley characters.

Live from LA: Countdown to Emmys
... Other front-row stars to look for include Jennifer Garner (two seats down from James Spader) ... [USA Today]

[November 9, 2005]
Spader is the new voice of the Acura
Several 30 second commercials for the ACURA automobile have his voiceovers, including "Of all its abilities, listening might be its most impressive." From Yahoo News:  The brand's new voiceover artist, Boston Legal actor James Spader, suggests the confident, master-of-the-universe driver. The new tagline in two spots is, "Always advancing."
[Thank you to poetic_filmmaker who recorded some of the commercials]

[August 11, 2005]
Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth
From Aug. 4 column:
[At the TCA ABC party] "James Spader, growing in waist circumference and quickly losing his humpability, is looking more and more like William Shatner. Did these Boston Legal jokers plan this? Bill-babe wore a dark suit, unbuttoned, while James S. donned an buttoned gray jacket and purple shirt with his hairy chest peeking out. And shades, natch."

[This comment from Ted sparked a fair amount of discussion among Spader fans about Ted's penchant for Alec Baldwin and his skewed assessment of Spader. Good friend 'Moss', email to Ted was printed]
From Aug. 11 column:
Dear Ted:
You say James Spader is losing his humpability because he's gained a few pounds, yet you think (and I agree with you) Alec Baldwin is sexy? Well! A.B. is certainly not skinny! Come on, Ted.
Iris Rivera / Puerto Rico

Dear Stud-Scale:
Oh, girl, get real. True, Baldwin may be pudgy, but Spader's getting downright Delta Burke (during her blond years).

[July 27, 2005]
James Spader arrives at the ABC TCA party at the Abby on July 27, 2005 in West Hollywood [source: Getty Images/Mark Mainz]
James Spader arrives at the ABC TCA party at the Abby on July 27, 2005 in West Hollywood [source: Getty Images/Mark Mainz]

{July 26, 2005]
It's official: ABC announced today Boston Legal premieres September 27. [ABC press release]

"Entertainment Tonight" segment on Boston Legal
>> Read the article   >> Watch the VIDEO now
Spader: "I like the way Alan can weave his way and make trouble in any quarter because he really doesn't seem to have an age. Just when he seems the most aged and wizened, he all of a sudden is the most immature person in the room."

Ausiello's Press Tour Diary Day 7 (ABC)
by Michael Ausiello
[excerpt] When a reporter asks the cast if they’re having as much fun working on the show as it would seem, they all defer to producer Bill D'Elia, who responds with a rather unconvincing, “We are having fun.” Once more with feeling?  >> read more

Images from the TCA Summer Press Tour Boston Legal panel. [ ABC/Adam Larkey]  >> more images
Getty Images Entertainment by Frederick M. Brown
[ Getty Images Entertainment by Frederick M. Brown]

[July 14, 2005]
James Spader and William Shatner nominated for  Emmys!

Larger images  1  2
Watch the 4 min. video of announcement

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Boston Legal • ABC • David E. Kelley Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Studios
James Spader as Alan Shore

Deadwood • Ian McShane as Al Swearengen
House • Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House
Huff • Hank Azaria as Dr. Craig “Huff” Huffstodt
24 • Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
William Shatner as Denny Crane

[June 12, 2005]
James Spader attended the Egyptian Tourism Authority Private Reception and Viewing of the King Tut Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art June 18. [images]

[June 6, 2005]
This week, nominating ballots are mailed to Academy members. The deadline for returning the ballots is June 22. Visit our 2005 page for Boston Legal and relive the wins of James Spader, William Shatner and Sharon Stone through video, words and images.
Boston-Legal.org Emmy page
2004 Emmy wins for The Practice
57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2004-2005 Rules and Procedures (88 pages; pdf)

Attorney equally crazy in private, to say the least
article from AftonbladetAftonbladet
[excerpt] You have said that there is only one reason to work. Do you still have that attitude?
Spader’s gaze is as the one Alan Shore uses when he is forced to express thoughts that he thinks are well beneath his dignity.
Lives well.
“No… Well… Yes… I mean… “
(Deep sigh)
“I get sucked into my own life so easily.”
[Thanks to Mariposa from Stockholm for translating and sending it in]
Read more pdf >>

[May 27, 2005]
Sex, Lies and Videotape script
GRAHAM DALTON, twenty-nine, drives his '69 Cutlass while smoking a cigarette. One could describe his appearance as punk/arty, but neither would do him justice. He is a man of obvious intelligence, and his face is amiable. There is only one key on his keyring, and it is in the ignition.
 | read the full script |

[May 19, 2005]
James Spader at the ABC Up Fronts 2005
Spader, Shatner, Valley, Bergen and Julie Bowen from Boston Legal attend the ABC Upfront Presentation Party held at Damrosch Park Lincoln Center in New York City  on May 18. More of James and Leslie. 1  2  large
[filmmagic; gettyimages, rexfeatures, splashnews]

[July 13, 2005]
Endless amusement at search engine keywords used to find JamesSpader.org:
video clips of sex [Yahoo]
boston sexual offenders [AOL image search delivered our Boston Legal website images of Denny Crane. Paul Lewiston and Shirley Schmidt!]
boston sexual offenders [same for Google]
lesbian tara wilson and lori colson [yes, thank you, surfer from Malta!]
elevator sex movie [Google]
2005 emmys [Google; 5th result is our Boston Legla site]
57th emmy nominations [Google; 4th result]
57th emmy award [Google; 4th result]
Best Drama Emmy Nominations 2005 [2nd result]

[May 27, 2005]
Side Dish
NY Daily News
James Spader hung with Dr. John at New York City's Au Bar for for an hour backstage. The Big Easy legend plays there through Sunday.

[May 17, 2005]
Boston Legal, Tuesdays, 10pm in 2005-06
Technically, ABC will make the announcement at 4pm EST at their Upfront in New York, but "sources" say that Boston Legal's new home is Tuesdays at 10 p.m. This puts it opposite NBC's Law & Order: SVU. CBS's Upfront is Wednesday at 3pm EST, although Judging Amy is currently in the 10 p.m. slot. Boston Legal will follow drama "Commander-in-Chief" at 9 p.m. starring Geena Davis as the female president.
TV Guide's 2005 Schedule Grid
Hollywood Reporter

[May 3, 2005]
TV Gal Indulges in Character Swapping
TV Gal gives James Spader her highest marks by rating him 5 Smits ("...since Jimmy Smits replacing David Caruso was probably one of the best cast swaps ever.")

[April 24, 2005]
Boston Legal crosses the pond, begins broadcasting in the UK. Mondays 10pm, April 25th.
See Living TV's very nice website

[April 23, 2005]
Killers Tapped For Lollapalooza, Want James Spader In Movie

"Whenever I see it in my head, I see James Spader killing this girl. ..." The band would like to see "Boston Legal" actor James Spader cast in the movie.

[April 21, 2005]
Top five young, rich and angst ridden films
The Sydney Morning Herald

# 2 - Less Than Zero (1987)
Synopsis: Youth, money, drugs, convertibles and more neon than Vegas. Viva the 80s!
Clay (Andrew McCarthy) is both cold and earnest, Julian (Robert Downey Jr) is drug-addled and edgy. Blair (Jamie Gertz) is stiff and martyred and Rip (James Spader) circles like a well-brilled sharka perfectly cast 80s flick. [ed. note: #1 spot is held by "My Own Private idaho"] [read more]

Read summaries for the next four episodes, all of which will air in the Fall.

[April 8]
No new episodes of Boston Legal until Fall; Boston Legal” Will Return for the 2005-06 Season with 27 Original Episodes

The ABC Television Network announced today that “Grey’s Anatomy” will continue airing
Sundays at 10:00 p.m., ET, through the end of the season, with “Boston Legal” scheduled to return for 2005-06 with 27 original episodes, which will include the episodes not aired this season. “We’re in the enviable position of having two shows that have each performed extremely well for us Sundays at 10:00 – ‘Boston Legal and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ We had already picked up ‘Boston Legal’ for next year based on its stellar run thus far this season. Now, with the strong debut of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ we are very optimistic about having an additional asset of tremendous value heading into Fall,” said Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment. “However, with this embarrassment of riches comes a tough decision. Ultimately we decided that, without having adequate lead time or marketing dollars to devote to moving either show so late in the season, we’d continue to let ‘Grey’s’ build on its tremendous momentum through May. We’re extremely excited that this will give us the amazing luxury of bringing ‘Boston Legal’ back next season with an unheard-of 27 original episodes.” Season to date, since its March 27 premiere, “Grey’s Anatomy” is a dominant No. 1 in its time period, overshadowing its closest competition by 6.7 million viewers (17.0 million vs. 10.3 million - NBC) and beating the combined delivery of CBS and NBC in the time slot by 32% among Adults 18-49 (7.4/18 vs. 5.6/14=CBS and NBC combined). “Grey’s Anatomy” is delivering ABC’s best retention yet in he time period coming out “Desperate Housewives.” The show qualifies as the highest ranking midseason TV program and also has the distinction as the only drama this television season (returning and new) to build its audience from Week 1 to Week 2. In addition, “Grey’s” is producing ABC’s strongest series ratings among young adults in the hour since “The Practice” during the 2000-01 TV Season

[April 13]
James Spader: The Playboy Interview

{April 5, 2005]

The ABC Television Network has given "Boston Legal" an early pick-up for the 2005-06 season, the network announced today. "Boston Legal" ranks No. 1 in its hour among Total Viewers and across each of the key adult demos, ahead of NBC's "Crossing Jordan": Total Viewers (12.5 million), Adults 18-34 (3.6/10), Adults 18-49 (4.9/12) and Adults 25-54 (5.7/13). Compared to the same point last season, "Boston Legal" has improved the hour for ABC by 39% in Total Viewers and by 48% in Adults 18-49. The freshman drama stars James Spader as Alan Shore and is produced by David E. Kelley Productions in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television.
[Source: ABCMedianet.com]

[April 4, 2005]
Listen to the cast and creatives from Boston Legal share their thoughts on production and storylines during the William S. Paley Television Festival held March 15 in Hollywood at the Directors Guild Theater.
[Go to Event page]

[March 31, 2005]
Cuss & Effect
National Review Online
Boston Legal's Scott Kaufer said that a boilerplate warning from ABC's Standards and Practices is to refrain from showing characters smoking, even though "we end pretty much every episode with James Spader and William Shatner smoking on the balcony... Never once this season have I paid any attention to that note or heard any follow-up."

[March 30, 2005]
Killers' To-Do List: Lawsuit, Long-Form Video With James Spader.
"... And he's also got his eye on a leading man for the whole thing. "I'd love to get James Spader to be in it, and we're trying to pin him down now."

Boston Legal, Meet Terri Schiavo
"... Alan Shore , sarcastic lawyer extraordinaire played by James Spader, flies to Texas from the more humane State of Massachusetts to save the day."


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