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The History of Spader

An in-process Timeline of important points in the life of James Spader. We will include movie shooting dates, movie release dates, TV appearances, personal landmarks, etc.

We ask you to help. If you know of any documented specific dates, please post the information below, including links. If you see a posting that you know to be incorrect, please post why and the correct information. You may also email me directly if you prefer - dana [at] webtalkguys [dot] com.   The Timeline is a work-in-progress so we need as much info as can be supplied and we will update as we get new info. Eventually, we will create a proper linear Timeline, but for now, we'll use the following layout.

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1960-1977 1. Birth - 2/7/1960; Boston 2. 1965-1974 - The Pike School, Andover, MA. Pre-K through 8th Grade. (Mom Jean taught at Pike)  (T) 3. 1971-1974 - Took French language classes 6th-8th grade at The Pike School (G) 4. 1974-1977 - Phillips Academy Andover (freshman to "fall of senior year")  (G)
1978-1980 1. Late 1977/early 1978 - Moved to New York City (G) 2. 1978 - Movie: Team Mates    
1981-1985 1. 1981 - Movie: Endless Love 2. 1983 - TV: Family Tree & Cocaine: One Man's Seduction 3. 1983 - TV: Killer in the Family & Diner 4. 1985 - Movies: Tuff Turf & The New Kids; TV - Starcrossed
1986 Movie: Pretty in Pink      
1987   Movies: Mannequin & Baby Boom (month?) Movies: Wall Street & Less Than Zero November - James marries Victoria
1988 Movie: Jacks Back (month?)      
1989 May 11-23 - Attended  Cannes Film Festival for "Sex, Lies & Videotape"; Best Actor Award; Spader went home early (M) Movie: sex, lies & videotape (month?) July - Sebastian born Movie: Rachel Papers (month?)
1990 Movie: Bad Influence (month?) Movie: White Palace (month?)    
1991 Movie: True Colors (month?)      
1992 Movie: Bob Roberts (month?) Movie: Storyville (month?) August - Filming for Dream Lover began November - Elijah born
1993 Movie: Music of Chance (month?)      
1994 May - Movie: Dream Lover June 17 - Movie: Wolf Sept. 20 - TV: "Frasier" playing "Steven" (voice) in episode: "Slow Tango in South Seattle" October 28 - Movie: Stargate
1996 May 9-20 - Attended  Cannes Film Festival for "Crash" (M) September 27 - Movie: 2 Days in the Valley September 27 - Stoddard Spader, father, passes away  
1997 March 21 - Movie: Crash US premiere (UK premiere Nov. 9, 1996) March 28 - Movie: Driftwood UK premiere April 11 - Movie: Keys to Tulsa October 31 - Movie: Critical Care
  Dec. 11 - TV: "Seinfeld" playing "Jason 'Stanky' Hanky" in episode: "The Apology"      
1999 Movie: Curtain Call (month?) July 16 - JFK, Jr. passed away in plane crash    
2000   Movie: Supernova (month?) Movie: The Watcher (month?) Movie: Slow Burn (month?)
2001   Mid-Feb through mid-March - Filming The Stickup (F) Movie: Speaking of Sex (month?) 9/11 - Terrorist attack; this date did change lives & is worth noting here
2002 January 18-20 - Attended Sundance Film Festival for "Secretary"; Film won Special Jury Prize for Originality (M) Jan-March - Filming for Alien Hunter September 5-12 - Attended Toronto Film Festival for "Secretary" (Day 2) (M) September - Movie: Secretary theatrical release in US
2003 March 9 - TV: Pentagon Papers premiere July 19 - TV: Alien Hunter premiere September 11 - Movie: I Witness DVD premiere  September 28 - TV: First episode of The Practice "We the People"
        5/16 - TV: Series Finale of The Practice
June 12 - Attended KROQ's Weenie Roast concert       9/26 - TV" Boston Legal premieres

(G) denotes Gloria provided information source from quotes in more than one article or authoritative reference.
(S) denotes Gloria obtained information from a school teacher of Jimmy's
(M) denotes Michelle found via Festival websites or articles
(F) denotes Filming; when a movie is in production or on location, as opposed to theater or video release dates
(T) denotes Teddy provided information

Thank you to all who generously contribute to the Timeline: Teddy, Michelle, Gloria

Spader Trivia

Following are interesting asides from the Timeline that we want to document although may not be precisely a Timeline-related event.

  •  Both Spader and Michelle Pfeiffer attended the Toronto Film Festival in 2002 (she for "White Oleander"). They both starred in "Wolf" and Spader's current boss is her husband, David E. Kelley.
  • Spader's "Dream Lover" co-star Madchen Amick stated in an interview that she had given birth to her first child 4 weeks before filming for Dream Lover started. Have you seen her body? How is that possible?! (T)
  • The writer for Spader's 1985 flick "The New Kids" was Stephen Gyllenhaal, the father of Spader's "Secretary" co-starr Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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